Stone Fireplace Installation and Design in Toms River, New Jersey

Indoor Fireplace design and installation in Toms River

There are numerous landscaping designs that can enliven your backyard but there’s nothing that adds to the appeal of it like a cozy outdoor stone fireplace. Whether you are looking to throw a summer patio Party or just gaze at stars with your loved one, a thoughtfully designed stone fireplace would provide an unparalleled ambiance to your yard. Not only it amplifies the elegance of your outdoor space, but it also adds value to your property.

A spectacular fireplace is often appreciated by the sheer beauty of it and becomes a place of natural gathering and warmth throughout the year. Opting for an exterior fireplace is considered to be an ideal way to fill up your outdoor space and prepare for an unbeatable experience of late fall frigid evening or crisp, clear spring evening. At Tom River Brick and Stone, we offer a wide array of wonderful options and patented solutions to make your outdoors cozier and create a more social atmosphere.

For many decades, we are a leading hardscaping company that specializes in delivering customized exterior stone fireplace installation services to our customers across the Toms River area. Many Residential Properties in and around Toms River have chosen our highly experienced masons for creating a remarkable outdoor stone fireplace.

Our expert craftsmen provide superior quality work by turning your ideas into a luxurious reality. We have an in-house specialized designing team that is capable of handling any area of your landscape, be it your outdoor kitchen, patio, deck, etc. and provide astonishing stone fireplace designs that bring character and style to your home.

Outdoor Fireplace Design and Installation

Before beginning with any project, we meticulously consider a number of aspects so as to install an impeccable masterpiece in your landscape.

  • The Area where Fireplace structure will be installed
  • The dimension of the available outdoor space
  • The Dimension of the customized fire feature
  • Materials to be used
  • Seating wall installation
  • Whether pavers are needed around the fireplace
  • Fuel Source for Fireplace – Wood/ Natural Gas/ propane
  • Do you require a fire grate or Pizza oven for cooking?
  • Aesthetic, safety and comfort of your Fire structure
  • Plumbing in case of gas Fireplace
  • Other required features
  • Your personal ideas and budget

Our competent planning team works very closely with you and discusses these relevant questions before designing and installing a superior fireplace. We believe in innovation and creativity so we strive to incorporate all your ideas and add a personalized touch to it while being cost-effective.

Why should you choose Stone?

Although there are various materials to construct a fireplace, natural stone is and will always be the most preferred one for many reasons. While natural stone retains and radiates heat better, they are practically maintenance-free and almost indestructible. There’s a reason why most of the world’s oldest architectures are made out of natural stone.

They add a unique charisma to your yard and never go out of trend. They are incredibly resistant to water damage, and mold and can handles extremes in temperature. Furthermore, they increase the value of your property and provides value in the long run.

We have mastered the art of transforming your yard and adding an elegant Natural Stone Fireplace. When you choose us, you have the assurance that we use only premium materials and expert craftsmanship for designing your structure. Our services are extremely cost-effective and justify every penny you pay.

Add a warm glow of a new Stone fireplace and redefine your outdoor space by choosing us. To discuss the details of your project and get a free estimate of your custom-designed fireplace, feel free to contact Toms River Brick and Stone. You can reach out to us by email or drop us your free quote form and we will get back to us as soon as possible.